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Battlefield LIVE– The Ultimate Birthday Party Experience

At Battlefield LIVE we offer the perfect birthday party experience that is NOT Paintball or tame Laser Tag; this is the real thing. We specialise in birthday parties with a realistic military combat experience, using the latest infrared weapon technology . Suitable from age 8 and upwards, Battlefield LIVE offers an exciting and totally safe, no bruises, no pain, just fun outdoor experience 

Choose the Battlefield Live combat experience for your child's party and all their friends will be talking about it at school for weeks to come.  One thing is for sure if you host a Battlefield Live activity party for your child all their friends will want one soon after. Also adult family members can join in the fun!!

What is included in the package?

  • Team missions
  • Camouflage gear and camo face paint
  • A state-of-the-art Battlefield Sports gun for every player
  • Trained marshalls on hand to ensure great games and safety

One off fee covers your session. No extra charges for more ammunition.

Contact us for more information.

One price - no hidden extras

£17.50 for 2 hours

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